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Dr. Curt P. Summers (chiropractic physician)
Jones Valley Chiropractic Clinic
7900 Bailey Cove Road, Suite D-2
Huntsville, AL 35802


Dr. Summers and the Jones Valley Chiropractic Clinic were featured in the Spring/Summer 2001 issue of  Who's Who in Huntsville:

Jones Valley Chiropractic Clinic, located at 7900 D-2 Bailey Cove Road in SE Huntsville, In the heart of beautiful Jones Valley across from Grisson High School. It is owned and operated by Dr. Curt P. Summers A Chiropractic Physician. In May of 1994, he took over from a previous practice and has been established at the present location for the past ten years...

The Jones Valley Chiropractic Clinic treats a variety of problems that you may encounter such as sports injuries, neck and back pain, personal injuries from auto accidents or slips and falls and headaches. Dr. Summers has a good understanding when it comes to sports injuries. As a high caliber sportsman himself, once rated among the top ten springboard diving champions in the United States, he can relate to many of the types of injuries that you may have or had. He tries to get a good understanding of the diversity and complexity of many athletic injuries, pain and problems that we may encounter in our active lives. In addition, Dr. Summers offers treatment for neck and back pain resulting from motor vehicle and other related injuries by implementing physical therapy and manipulation techniques. For correction of many problems, the physician must understand the anatomy of the problem area and the mechanism of injury. For chronic pain patients, the chiropractic physician must look at how the joint is functioning and correlate this assessment to the daily activities of the patient and the history of the problem. He can then determine a course of treatment. In addition, by working in close conjunction with local medical doctors he is able to offer a more comprehensive and complete service to his patients by making the appropriate referral when needed.

Having an open referral relationship with the local medical doctors has increased the comprehensive health care coverage in the community. With Chiropractic physicians in place like Dr. Summers, medical doctors can take it one step further and refer patients to a chiropractic physician for corrective care and pain management. Dr. Summers says, "I think that every family medical practice should have a chiropractic physician they can refer their back pain and musculo/skeletal cases to. The patients are the ones who truly benefit by getting the care that they need and want." With a combination of knowledge, experience and dedication, Dr. Summers is able to fulfill his mission to the community, thus providing treatment and attention to those seeking relief from pain. (Photo by Jeff White.)